Screened Bottom Board with Front Drawer – Waxed


Product Code: SD-1500

Strong and durable bottom board that acts to promote the well-being of your colony. The stainless steel mesh and the drawer allow easy and helpful detection of varroa mite levels within the hive. The wood is dipped in paraffin wax for lifetime protection. The metal corners prevent the brood box from moving during transport or from predators.

The screened bottom board is an excellent choice for any hive. At any time of the season, monitoring with a sticky board is possible, allowing you to assess the infestation rate of varroa mites and choose an appropriate method of treatment. This is the primary use of the drawer. When not engaged in mite detection, the drawer should always be removed and put away. Otherwsie, it may become the "trash can" of the colony and may become conducive to the development of certain parasites, such as wax moth.

The exceptions to this rule are as follows:

1: To promote brood development in the springtime; in this case we can install the drawer for 2 - 3 weeks as soon as the hive begins to become active (ususally in April).

2: The hive is in a corridor with high winds during cold winters; in this case the drawer will provide beneficial protection.

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Weight 2.62 kg
Dimensions 56.50 × 42.00 × 12.00 cm
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