Emmanuel de France

Founder, Beekeeper


Propolis-etc… is a company present on the Canadian territory since 2008. Our offices are located in the beautiful province of Quebec, 20 minutes southeast of Montreal. We have a boutique with more than 1000 products on display, a warehouse and a woodworking shop.

We also have a second store to serve our customers in Guelph, Ontario. We carry many quality brands for the beekeeping world and are proud to bring the latest innovations to the North American market.

The employees at Propolis-etc… are always available to answer your questions about the world of bees, beekeeping techniques and our products. Propolis-etc… is first and foremost a beekeeping company with 1500 hives. We sell bee packages, nucs and queen bees during the season.

Concerned about applying the best beekeeping practices, we are passionate about becoming better and giving the best living conditions to our bees. And this is also what we try to transmit to you. Welcome to our home!

Marie-Ève Lussier

Manager, Queen breeder

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