Natural Burlap Smoker Fuel


Product Code: BT-1200

Burlap is an easy fuel to use for your smoker. It can be used for lighting or as fuel for short visits.

Sold per bags of 5 Lbs.

How to use burlap in the smoker?

Lighting your smoker (replacing the lighting sticks)
- Burlap has the advantage of igniting more quickly
- All you need is 20 cm of canvas to light your smoker, which only needs to be supplied with fuel.

Rapid action in the hive (feeding, treatment and other rapid actions)
- Light a 20 cm piece, ignite it then add a second piece of the same length (in a ball) without activating the bellows too much so that everything does not catch fire

Additional information

Weight 1.59 kg
Dimensions 45.00 × 21.00 × 18.00 cm
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