Oxalic Vaporizer InstantVap Battery 18v


Product code: VA-IV01 to VA-IV03

Battery: Dewalt – Milwaukee – Makita

Sublimation of oxalic acid in hives to treat varroa mites.

Instant Vap 18V+
(1-year warranty)

Cordless version, with a battery socket of your choice, with 1 dispenser, without battery.

Approximately 1.1 amps to heat the machine and 8-10, 2-gram doses per amp. A 5-amp battery can do up to 39 colonies, even more with the optional insulation cover. The 20V, 9-amp DeWalt battery can do over 70 colonies.

18V; 240W; 12A

It takes 25-30 seconds for a dose of oxalic acid sublimation and you're ready to treat the next hive

Stainless steel frame and dispenser

Fast, tool-free adjustable dispenser

Battery voltage indicator to protect the battery

Insulated furnace for reliable operation in cold, windy weather

Sturdy brass tube outlet, stands firmly in the hole of the hive wall

Accurate and dynamic temperature control, no overheating

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Battery Model

DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee

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