Sticky Detection Board


Product Code: SB-1150

Used to detect the rate of varroa infestation in the hive.
If you have screened bottom board, insert the sticky detection board over the drawer.
If you have a reversible bottom board, the sticky detection board must be used with the screen for sticky board on top to prevent the bees from sticking their legs on the sticky surface.

The use of sticky cardboard for varroa detection:
Place the sticky cardboard on the drawer (under the mesh) for 72 hours and count the natural fall of varroa. Divide the number of hours into 24-hour periods, in this case 3, and then divide the total number of varroa mites by this number. If, for example, you count 36 varroa mites after a period of 72 hours, you must do 36 divided by 3, which gives a result of 12 varroa mites per 24 hours. Note the results carefully. Treatment thresholds vary depending on the time of the season. Normally, treatment should be planned for 3 or more varroa mites per day.

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Dimensions 44.50 × 33.00 × 0.50 cm
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