Raising Honeybee Queens


Product Code: AK-7807

Multiply your colonies and overwinter them successfully in any climate.

Author: Gilles Fert

Number of pages: 144

"I was able to triple the size of my apiaries in one season by following this invaluable guidance," says Dr. Leo Sharashkin. ~ Detailed, easy to understand practical advice. ~ Simple techniques clearly explained and illustrated. ~ Raise your own superior queens. ~ Multiple methods to choose from, whether you raise one queen or a thousand. ~ All hive models: vertical and horizontal. ~ Successful breeding, mating, and queen introduction. ~ Make bee packages, and produce royal jelly. ~ Internationally renowned author with over 30 years experience. ~ Over 150 full-color photos, drawings, and diagrams. ~ Your beekeeping will never be the same after reading this book.

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