Metal Hive Stand


Product Code: BS-6001

Extremely strong metal stand. Protects the hive from certain predators and prevents excess humidity inside the colony.

Raising the hive off the ground has many advantages. The first is to eliminate excess humidity in the hive coming from the ground, and to promote ventilation which will help the bees to thermoregulate.
Then, as the skunk is the number 1 enemy of the hive, by installing it more than a foot from the ground, we greatly prevent sneaky attacks from skunks.
Thirdly, premature rotting of the bottom boards is avoided.
For beekeepers using front pollen traps, elevating the hive becomes imperative for pollen harvesting.
Ultimately, you will gain comfort while inspecting your bee colony.

Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 68.00 × 49.00 × 26.00 cm
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