Global Patties 15% Pollen


Product code: GP-4059

Sold per unit (approx. 1 lb per patty)

Patties containing 15% pollen. Helps your colony grow faster in spring.

For larger quantities, choose the box of 40 lbs.

Providing your hives with protein patties is essential to promote strong, healthy colonies. Global Patties' widely adopted sandwich wafer design simplifies handling for beekeepers.

Bees need a combination of proteins and carbohydrates for their well-being. The introduction of pollen patties (15%) in spring ensures colony vitality, promotes substantial brood development and contributes to abundant honey harvests.

These patties play a crucial role in ensuring a balanced diet for the bees, especially when foraging is hampered by unfavorable weather conditions or a shortage of pollen in the hive. They prove invaluable in monoculture areas with limited pollen sources, when competing with stronger hives nearby, or when hives are subjected to environmental stresses such as adverse weather conditions, pesticides, mites and disease.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 2 cm
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