Dadant Hive Kit


Product Code: BK-0210

This set corresponds to European dimensions. The super and frames are higher than the Canadian Langstroth standard. It includes :

– 1 Reversible bottom board – Pine (RB-1100)
– 1 Entrance reducer (ER-1100)
– 1 Assembled Dadant super 12″ ¼ (HC-0002)
– 10 Assembled wooden frames 11″ 7/8  wired/waxed (WL-0170)
– 1 Wood bound metal queen excluder (QE-1100)
– 1 Medium assembled super 6″ 5/8 – Pine (HC-1500)
– 10 Assembled wooden frames 6″¼ wired/waxed (WL-0150)
– 1 Aerated inner cover (IC-1300)
– 1 European cover (TC-2001)

The Dadant hive consists of a single brood chamber, more spacious than the Canadian Langstroth standard. The brood chamber is made with handles for easy movement and it features 10 shoulderless wooden frames assembled with a natural wax foundation, separated by flat spacer strips. The medium assembled super 6″ 5/8 fills up quickly, so allow extra space during the season. This set is sold in natural pine only, so we strongly recommend that you treat the wood before installing the bees with linseed oil or Eco-friendly paint. This will allow you to considerably extend the life of the product.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 56.00 × 49.00 × 57.00 cm
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